District Training

Conservation District Official Training Program Review

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The following states have notified NASCA that they have completed the self-assessment process:

Alabama Alaska Arkansas Delaware
Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Michigan Mississippi New Mexico North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania
South Carolina South Dakota Texas Utah
Washington West Virginia Wyoming    


If you have completed an assessment and your state is not listed here, please contact mike-brown@nascanet.org.

General Information

1. History of the Conservation Movement – Local, State, and National
2. What is a Conservation District?
3. Fiduciary Responsibilities
4. Legal Responsibilities
5. Roles and Responsibilities of Local, State, and National Associations and Partners
6. Ethics


General Responsibilities

7. Understand Local, State, and Federal Laws, Rules and Regulations
8. Employee Training
9. Financial Training
10. Understanding State and National Resolutions Processes
11. Awareness of All Available Conservation Programs
12. Legislative Process Training
13. Awareness of Proper Protocol in Conducting Public Meetings
14. Basic Operations
15. Election Process and Board Member Recruitment